I'm with you.

by DADSGETNDOWN - 1/18/08 8:23 PM

In Reply to: Three TV Limits by EmiLee69

afterbase and EmiLee69

I'm with both of you. I don't think we're the minority.
I have posted a few comments concerning staying with analog,
and asked questions about about traveling issues, and Motorhomes
or camping, some of us do use TV's on trips and such.
so now what ? I have to buy satellite, what about those in places that aren't that populated and have NO lines running near them ?
they now won't be able to receive the one or 2 analog snowy channels
anymore either ?.
Who is going to pay for and run lines to these people ?.
Next is radio.
This isn't a free country, just supposedly free-er than the rest.
I look down and point my finger at you and say you are not allowed to have more than 2 clocks in your home, IF you do, I want MORE money for them, AND you can't just buy any ol clock, It has to be Digital etc etc you get the point.

Who said this change would be better for us ?. IT ISN'T.
They just want to make room for Law Enforcement and such
to have more channels, everyone to build, sell, and purchase new TV'S
which of course, they put thier hands (not just one hand.) in the cookie jars. (not just one jar)

You know what/who needs to make a transition ?
Government and FCC and the like.
They say jump we don't say how hi, we just jump.
They say you're 60,70 + years old and own and lived in your
you r entire life, and now WE declare you home less.
Thanks for living!