They say CHARTER IS not sending signal?

by afterbase - 1/15/08 10:13 PM

In Reply to: RE: Qam doesn't help here! by wkorbe

BEST BUY tv dept head told me today, CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS DOES NOT SEND THE DIGITAL SIGNAL TO THE WALL, you have to get their box! Then they process it.
If i was given bad information, it was by Best Buy.

I have been following this link -site- on this and i see all kinds of comments via providers.

Charter is just like any other cable provider e have hd here a piece of garbagem "sorry," and i have been sending info to the fcc with little followup.

I called a local big box store again today here, and they absolutely do not know what a QAM is or does, never heard of it,

Being i don't own one, i can't do any experiment.

I sent thislink to the local consumer protection agemcy today and to the fcc and my senator and mayor.