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by Bid13 - 5/15/07 2:59 PM

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Just a few things I'd like to point out about your post Photoman.

While Macs are not invulnerable to viruses, the number of viruses are significantly lower than those on Windows. And the degree of difficulty for viruses to spread, or get installed on Macs is significantly higher.

You're right about uptime though, I've had my Mac for 5 months & I have had 2 kernel panics (the *NIX equivalent to the blue screen of death). I havent had a blue screen on my Windows machine in that time, but I have had my Windows machine just suddenly shut off upwards of 4 or 5 times in the last 5 months.

Some things to point about Apple Hardware / Software. Apple does not create their hardware, they choose which hardware they want to use. This means that they specifically tailor their OS to that hardware, eliminating the need for drivers (for users to worry about them anyways) and increasing stability and uptime.

Some things to remember about programs. Programmers do not specifically program for Intel or AMD chipsets (generally anyways). There is no need. The OS is built on top, providing an abstraction to the hardware. Programmers will generally program with API calls to the OS, which determines which driver to load, and the driver tells the OS how to interact with that hardware. Anyone heard of HAL (hardware abstraction layer... didnt fly very well and is really useless, but it was designed for this purpose within Windows).

Okay, so why am I digressing into this, well to prove a point. Mac OS X programs call the OS which interacts with the hardware. Apple designed the OS to interact with specific hardware, not broad range of hardware like Microsoft has to do. This does limit the hardware that you can use within the system, but does make it easier on the user.

I do use PCs and I do use Macs. I'm actually typing this comment on a PC. I do prefer my Mac for work, and my PC for play / work. The Mac has increased productivity and, in my opinion, higher reliability. Then again, their all just computers, they're all basically the same. This isn't so much an apple vs micro$oft discussion. This is a OS vs OS discussion. To choose Windows or NIX.. if NIX, to buy from apple a ready made machine, or to choose a flavour of NIX you prefer.

Btw, apple does release less patches. But then again, this is security by neglect. 3% of the world using Mac OS X is not as enticing as 90% using Windoze

Just some random thoughts.