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by PhotoMan - 5/15/07 11:35 AM

In Reply to: Still don't see it by turnerman

I thought I was pretty clear. Try this scenerio...A car manufacturer builds into the vehicle a system requiring the owners' fingerprint or a special code imputed in order to start and "set up" the car to the owners' preferences (seat and mirror(s) position, etc). Since the car maker is building this system for its' own brand of cars, you'd expect it to work, without repeated trips to the garage for fixes. Apple creates its' own hardware / software like the car manufacturer. I'd expect the same results.

I too, pick and choose what patches or fixes are needed depending upon what is installed on my computer. I mearly stated about the quantity that Apple has put out..about the same as Microsoft...but for different reasons. For some reason, there are Mac users that seem to think Mac's have no need for, or ever require, fixes / patches / anti-virus.

I do not use Office or Word because, due to their popularity, they are targets for hackers. Nor do I use the other Micro$oft apps for downloading / editing photos or graphics work (like the Apple Apreture or iphoto versions) because their "power" is academic at best and have little, or no, use in the real world when working with graphics or photographes. The Mac apps are just as enemic. Those in my business use full fledged apps such as Corel and Adobe.

Microsoft and Apple release their patches the same way, either cumulative or difference. Of course Micro$oft has more security patches out and for the obvious reasons.

I'm not upset at anything..except at those who state that Mac's never get viruses, or never lock up / crash and run forever without a reboot. Those individuals (and, believe it or not, I've heard the same from a few Windows' users) certainly do not have much of a grasp about what they are talking about. Without maintenance, no system is bulletproof.

I have used both systems as well. I'm not trying to make you out to be a Mac "fanboy" at all but the fact is that Mac users keep on forgetting that they cannot compete on an equal playing field with a Windows based system until Apple allows for 3rd party involvement and, until then, will never be able to amount to anything more than a few percentage points of the total computer sales and use worldwide. If you want to compare a Mac with a PC...then you better be willing to accept the risks that go with it.

When I spoke of use / cost over time, I was only referring to getting the use out of it (computer or car) and providing the necessary care before having to be replaced.

So far as custom systems are concerned, that is very much part of the discussion thread. If you want to do a proper job or be able to access information and use it within a certain environment then you had better be able to set up things within your computer as needed.