Still don't see it

by turnerman - 5/14/07 12:57 PM

In Reply to: Fixes etc by PhotoMan

You didn't justify your comment about vunerability anywhere - I'm really not sure what you mean. And for the patches, I also viewed the site but they're not all relevant to my system. In 4 months I've downloaded 4 updates - 1 for iTunes (small), 1 to 10.4.9 (large), 1 for iPhoto (small) and another for a security fix. Obviously there will be patches for specific software that people use (like Aperture) to upgrade performance or address compatability issues. Let's not pretend that non-Mac software developers ALWAYS make software that seamlessly run on both Intel and AMD processors.

Everyone has patches and Apple just went to a new processor platform - it's nothing new to computers. Like I stated before, I've seen a lot more updates on my XP SP2 machine (that I have Office 2003 loaded on) in the past 4 months than on my Mac. How many security vulnerabilites has the Office suite had? It's pretty scary when you go through TechNet and see them all.

It's funny you mention quality of patching - Apple will release one large update to cover everything while Microsoft will release patch after patch after patch, most requiring a restart each time. There have been 11 critical updates for Windows in the past 2 months alone.

If that makes you upset, I'm sorry. That's the truth of it. Both systems have basic setups and one had more patches than the other.

So, don't make me out to be a Mac "fanboy" because I'm telling the truth. I own and use both systems daily.

Cost - I paid $300 less than a Dell with exact specs that would have provided the same extended warranty covereage, so you can stop spreading misinformation today. And let's not go into custom systems, because that's outside the scope of this discussion.