System Information for Windows from Gabriel Topola

Use SIW from Gabriel Topola. I recommend the use a system information utility that can give you detailed information of your system internals including motherboard and BIOS details, peripherals, and software versions. There are several utilities - including windows system information - but I find that the system information utility from for Windows from Gabriel Topala is all you need. It is fast, very comprehensive, updated regularly (compatible with Vista) and best of all FREE. I find that using SIW gives me all the information I need every time including software registration keys and product Ids. What is cover is so extensive that it is best to just test it and see for yourself. Go to the website to download the latest version. As a final note and what I like most about SWI is that is just runs from the Executable single file. No installation required not registry entries. This makes this program ideal to run from you Flash Drives and Portable storage devices.