The only product I want to use by Apple is an iPod

by vattan2005 - 5/10/07 6:59 PM

In Reply to: Potential winning answers. by Lee Koo (ADMIN) Moderator CNET staff

I used to support Macs in my technical support role in 1998. They were nice, but not nice enough for me to start owning one.

Apple decided to be dense and greedy enough by not opening up the clone market early on, which is why they have to play catch up now. As a result, their prices are out of orbit...and they will never catch up! Why would I pay more for a product if I can do the same thing with another? Also, they can never catch up on the number of programs that will run on this platform. Windows boasts a plethora of programs that run on it and the variety is mind-boggling!

For Apple's sake, I am glad they came out with the fabulous iPod. Their creative juices started flowing, but a little too late.