by theboyofspewn - 4/15/07 8:53 AM

In Reply to: wow by t1r2b3

Wow, you are really helping people to understand the pros of a mac here, through language and statements that show ignorance. If I had to decide to purchase a mac or pc based entirely on your reply, I would purchase a PC because it is very obvious that Mac people are ignorant.

Of course, to actually reply to your statements... I am a PC person (you know one of the people you call "poor"). I have always been a PC person, and I more than likely will always be a PC person. The heart of the matter is this, Apple controls their computers. They are both in the Hardware and the Software business. Microsoft creates Software, period. Microsoft doesn't make computers, they make an Operating System. In ways, the manner that Apple is doing business is great, because they are able to control every part of the system, from OS down. They can guarantee the type of hardware that you are running. Of course, you are able to put other things in an Apple these days, but that is when you start running into problems in the OS. An instructor I had at the Cleveland Institute of Art (one of the top art schools in the country, definately not inexpensive) wanted to upgrade her RAM on her PowerMac G5. This is pre-Intel Mac mind you. She purchased the correct type of RAM from a different vendor, and installed it. Her system began randomly crashing and what not, all because the RAM she purchased didn't come from Apple. And the RAM that Apple sells cost at the time nearly twice as much as the RAM she purchased.

My current computer is a PC that I built myself from parts. Every once in a while I have some minor issues with the OS, running WinXP Pro. but those problems are mainly because of little things that Microsoft has no control over. My computer cost me $2000 in parts and perhaps 3-4 hours of build time. When I built it, it had better hardware than the same-priced Apple, regardless of the line. If you can price out an Apple that has "comparable" hardware to a PC and costs "the same" or less, I would like to see it. Considering the base model Apples usually cost around $2000. It does become harder to find a comparable PC for an Apple computer, considering they are venturing into the quad-processor motherboard realm. But to put comparable hardware together on Mac or PC, the PC will be cheaper. That is the way it has always been, and I have done the research. I am a computer artist. I design websites in Flash. I work with Video. I work in Photoshop, and Illustrator. I push these softwares to their limits, regardless of the OS they are running on. In my experience I have found that a Mac is a lot less stable than advertised, and will crash relatively easily when running the types of processes I put through Photoshop on a regular basis.

At the end of the day, a well-built PC running Windows outperforms an Apple with comparable hardware. I have seen IT groups run the tests. The only time the Apple won over the PC, it was because the Apple had 2 processors, while the PC had one dual-core. This was considered "comparable" hardware. I don't consider it comparable hardware, as 2 processors always beats 2 cores. And the PC hardware costs less, and is more flexible than the Mac hardware. If you or anyone else is able to find differently, in real numbers of real computers, I would like to see it, because my research has shown me what I have stated.