Mac or PC?

by Rumpleproofskin - 4/13/07 12:27 PM

In Reply to: mac or pc, reply. by ramh7

No contest Mac. I've been using Macs for 20 years in the magazine I work for and at home. The operating system is unbelievably stable and the interface sublime. I swear you do not need an instruction manual for the MAc. Just think of the Mac's desktop as your own real-world desktop (with filing cabinets, folders etc) and you'll get along fine. I could go one for days about the Mac. Although I'm familiar with my son's PC (he now uses a Macbook from for university - hooray!) there's no contest when it comes to choosing between a Mac and PC. PC's haven't evolved enough they're still stuck in computer nerd speak. I mean, any computer that has a button called START has got to be dodgy. Ok, I clicked START, now what? That's the PC for you.

Go for the Mac I promise you won't be disappointed