Good stuff, but...

by b8375629 - 4/12/07 10:28 AM

In Reply to: That's an excellent observation.... by twyrick

<So sure, lot of these people are going around saying "Apple is cool!" without understanding much about why. That's sort of the point. Apple has a constant goal of making sure their products can be used by people like this!>

Yes, but if Apple wants to grow beyond the 3% of the market share it currently occupies, it has to cater beyond the teen or twenty-something Gen Y Lifehacker-type user. Like the young guy you see in those Apple Get A Mac commercials.

Or the long time devotee whos been using Macs and been buying anything with an Apple symbol on it, since 1984. Or the Hollywood elitist types who dont know what a Start button is. Otherwise it was be continue to be marginalized and operate in a niche market. If its comfortable being there then fine, but dont_bitch about how an internet catering to Microsoft is damaging Apple.

There some hopeful things in Apples favor beyond Madison Avenue.

1. There is a growing backlash against the direction Vista is going in.
2. The use of Intel chips, which was a big consideration when I bought my MacBook
3. The possibility that Apple would free itself of DRM and embrace more of the open source communitys products. I dont believe the software made for Linux cant be used on a UNIX-based Apple, unless there is no incentive to make that happen.

The last may be wishful thinking, but its not beyond the realm of possibility. Just an observation, thats all.