That's an excellent observation....

by twyrick - 4/12/07 8:47 AM

In Reply to: Spot on by death2spam

I agree completely that computers are becoming a "social and entertainment" tool. And that's perfectly ok, in my book. I remember back when I first got interested in computers, I started out with a little Timex/Sinclair 1000 with only 2K of RAM and a cassette tape drive for storage. I had it attached to my little 13" black and white TV and thought it was the best thing ever! I learned how to program in BASIC on that machine (despite the horrible membrane keyboard!), and literally wore one out after a few years of constant use.

But at some point, I started realizing that writing programs wasn't going to hold my interest forever. More and more ideas I had for software were already being done "bigger and better" by other people, and I lacked motivation to spend isolated hours coding in front of a machine.

I'm pretty sure computers would have just been a "passing interest" for me, if it weren't for one thing - the modem! The first time I dialed up a BBS with my computer and saw text scrolling (at 300 baud) across my screen, a light came on over my head. I realized this was changing the computer completely! Instead of a box to sit, isolated, in front of, it was now a new communications tool. This was potentially as big or bigger than inventions like the telegraph, telephone or television!

Fast-forward to today, and you have thousands of "computer clueless" individuals still getting lots of use out of computers every day - all because of the Internet and the vast communications abilities they give people. And Apple seems to have the most vision of offering an OS product that removes the technical hurdles for this crowd of users.

So sure, lot of these people are going around saying "Apple is cool!" without understanding much about why. That's sort of the point. Apple has a constant goal of making sure their products can be used by people like this!