Open minds...

<It seems to me like some people just don't want to hear about the possibility of a worthy alternative to their beloved Windows PCs - so they put their hands over their ears and scream "Mac Fanboy!! FUD!!" as soon as Macs are brought up.>

Your argument would be true except for one thing. I already own a Mac. Something drew me to buying the machine in the first place and I like tinkering with different things. There are many attractive things about the Mac, but there are other utilitarian things I need to use for Windows. For my computer illiterate parents, I would fully recommend the Mac over the PC. They find it simpler to use.

If youve been in these (and other) forums long enough, youll know what I mean when I say FUD, and MacFanboys are Apples own worst enemies. They are the most close-minded bunch Ive ever encountered, so theres a counter reaction to all that on my part. I see no cults like this built up around Windows, but if there are any, then they are total idiots since Windows is the biggest OS in the world and there is no need to defend it beyond clearing up many misconceptions.

<Remember, I used nothing but MS-DOS and Windows PCs for over 10 years before taking the Mac very seriously. And now, I'm mostly a convert. If you go in with an open mind and actually *use* an OS X based Mac for at least a month or two (long enough to really get comfortable with it) - I really think you'd be hard-pressed to walk away afterwards saying you still far prefer Windows.>

Im already learning the in and outs to Quicksilver. Ive been using Macs off and on for the last year and a half, finally buying one of my own in January. But Im no convert. Im whats known in Apple parlance as an adder meaning I use it in addition to Windows. For websurfing, I prefer Ubuntu Linux. For digital video editing, Windows. For all around eye candy and iPod use, Apple.

Using all three on a weekly basis is truly keeping an open mind.