Yes, obsolete

by capt36 - 2/11/07 8:15 AM

In Reply to: Linux distros by wolf1930

Why is it when a forum like this comes along, requesting objective comments, pro and con, as soon as someone makes a comment about an inadequacy or shortcoming (which is what the forum is half about), people start jumping all over the commentor?
Nothing is perfect in this world. To find out shortcomings is to find improvements. Yet, invariably we get 'argumentative' types like the one I'm responding to.

Yes, the person you are jumping all over is right! Many of the OS' and apps are obsolete. More accurately, they never were current becuase no one finished the docs.

Take your pick; they are all that way! Yesterday alone I was trying to get some answers on a php-based form generator. I spent hours on sourceforge trying to find an app that I could find that would meet certain needs. Didn't happen. I gave up after three hours. There were apps with no docs, no help sections, and forums last posted to in 2004. Even when I went to the website for each app, no help.

Back to the last commentor: By posting our comments we are not "rubbishing" anything. (BTW, "rubbish" is a noun, not a verb; you can't "rubbish" anything.) What we are doing is bringing up points that need attention. In doing so, those who contribute code to the distros (which not all of us have those skills and talents) will become aware of what we, the users, find; and they can then review our input and decide if they can and want to improve their work in those areas.

But instead of a civil discussion, you come in, slaming other's comments and contributions. You aren't understanding that a huge percentage of us LEFT MS products and MOVED TO LINUX out of choice. WE ACTUALLY LIKE IT!!! We are not slamming it. We are pointing out areas we find improvable; which is not unlike posting bugfixes.

So quit being so short-sighted and stay on topic.