You missed the point of the demonstration

by sixit - 10/17/06 6:05 PM

In Reply to: useless advice by bikerchick4God

Nancy wrote:
"I copied it to my desktop without ever seeing a notice. Now one could always direct the prospective thief to ''Click image to see hidden copy protection''"

The point was NOT to see the notice, but to demonstrate what this particular type of invisible watermarking looks like. As a matter of fact, you *aren't* supposed to see the message.

Try this: open the picture you downloaded in a good graphics/photo editor, and replace the RGB 255,255,255 with 255,0,0. The pure white will turn red while the messages embedded in your downloaded picture will remain nearly pure white. *That* is the point of the demonstration. Unless you knew it was there, you (or a pirate) wouldn't never see it.

And, quite frankly, pirates aren't not going to go looking for it. Which means its likely to survive and therefore prove original ownership.

As you see, it is good advice and does deserve to be recognized.

As for my advice to Rita, I'd recommend she add an invisible watermark, do the DigiMarc stuff, put on a faint visible watermark, and *never* display high-resolution photos/graphics. Keep the publicly available images small enough so the quality of the print stinks.

If Rita doesn't want someone right-clicking and saving, use the trick of an invisible overlay with CSS or DHTML; javascript preventions don't work except in cases of extreme inexperience or lack of intelligence. Heck, go a step further and create an image map of 5x5 pixels of the image under the invisible overlay. The problem with both of those, and of similar tactics, is that no one can stop someone from saving a screenshot. Ain't never gonna happen effectively.

Lastly, don't get carried away, Rita, if someone likes it enough to use as an avatar or other miniscule violation. Concentrate on larger fish to fry.

Robert Reese~