The Best E-Guard to be Develope

Hi Rita,
The spyware eliminator and Elite Anti-virus inventer are to show there upper strength of the tampering and imbreaching which happens to any one of us. But to prevent the tampering or eavesdropping are two diffrent things one is to unhook the telephone/TTY cable off away from the modem and at home gateway router is to be disconnect from the telephone/TTY cable as well. The Norton's Hub and Secured Internet gateway module have a way to warn the eavesdropper that the People of Independent Countries have the rights to have all and every of the privacies especially in here in the U.S.A.The Norton and our will to pay the Private Guard to track and keeping add in the password to make the eavesdropper to inaccessing our data line such as TTY and telephone line of two way communication without being in the form of CB and telephone poles wires system therefor to stay and keeping your computer message to your friend's modem in secured line mode. We are here together in the states preparation to get the inform of what is happening on whether the eavesdrop have invade in or not especially the stuck-up ticket maker with badger's shield wearing a make believe uniform as un-religious and un-tuxedo class of trustworthy style. Only us, that we wear casual clothes are the trustworthy of investment and working gain along with great fun of talking and privacy in strickly to bring apart the network of telecommunications into more and more secured lines and police are not welcome to our club of CIA that the FBI are working to play court game against especially in homicide's way who are involved in open to public network of outdoor News station's wirings and small wireless power. We are clones of CIA who refuse to let our public to hear our conversation of plain telephone talks to another telephone talks as well as TTY e-mail letter to another TTY e-mail letter.We need more strength in arresting and sending the warrant to USA citizen who is doing the crime called eavesdropping such for one who is name Tim Price, black man with very wide nose in age of around 50 years old that he loves to be nosy over other people's private lives. Therefor, you shall arrest Tim Price if necessary.The Anti-spyware is not enough for tracking down the eavesdropping attemptation. The anti-adware is not enough to show the privatation in under sure fire way of guard against baton player's spying PC.We need the newest one more kind of software and is going to be called Anti-Eavesdropping and hopefully being made by Webroot or Professional CIA electronic expert or Panda Software security force of division in English language. Sincerely, Rex