....then what?

by Josella - 10/6/06 9:17 PM

In Reply to: I can prove it's mine then what? by nevido

I sell CDs containing clipart and I want visitors to my site to be able to download samples of the images, but I don't want them stolen and used in other clipart collections. Mainly I've had no problems but on the odd occasion where I've found one of my images illegally used on someone else's site, I've tracked the owner of the site by using a "Who Is" facility that provides the name of the web space provider. You can then locate the site and its terms of use which will (invariably) state that sites that breach other people's copyrights will have their accounts instantly terminated. Armed with this information, I've confronted thieves who have then immediately removed my image.

I hate confrontation, and I hate spending time doing this, but if it's the only way, it's the only way. Especially when someone else is benefiting from my labour.