Android phone, Verizon, 2 phone numbers

by gflash128 - 8/4/13 6:40 PM

Hello all!
spec's: HTC Thunderbolt, Verizon Contract ended "Month to Month." (Phone not being used).
So I ditched the smart phone (and the $30 you only get a set amount of MB!) and returned to my CDMA clam shell.
On smart phone I would use it on the home network.I have downloaded "Text Free" This App has given my smart phone a second phone number. This new assistant works well but not really hands free.
I also have "Vlingo." It is great and completely hands free when in car mode. However, it will only send and receive from my original #/(Verizon).
Is there a way to change my default # to my "Text Free" #
Do you get where I'm goin'? in car, send or receive texts etc. on 2nd number completely hands free ?
Any, Help?