Iphone 5 is on sale at targets nationwide

by incognito00 - 6/2/13 9:13 PM

It seems that iphones never come cheap. I was shopping around today for some deals on how to get an iphone cheaper and stumbled upon this:
Target is having a special sale for the iPhones. The iphone 5 is priced $149 and the 4s is $49. then there letting you take $50 off if you trade in any working cell phone. so that makes the 4s free and the 5 $99. on top of the $50 trade in you also get the value of your phone taken off the price. I traded in my iphone 4 for $131, then took the additional guaranteed $50 off even with tax off full retail price I walked out of the store paying $18 for my iphone 5. Im trying to spread the word about this awesome deal because i guess theres no advertising for it and its such a good deal. If your looking for a good deal check out target for the iphone