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SURVEY: Could you all please help me with my survey here. :)

by sateayam - 4/4/13 6:22 AM

Hi guys and girls here,

I really need all of your help. Could you all please give me some ideas for my survey here. I'm planning to make a website and with this website, i want to help customers find the lowest cost carrier deals for smartphones and tablets", of course for the latest flagships/tablets around the market to date (like iPhone 5, SGS SIII/S4, Xperia Z, etc) and the most popular carriers in the world (like Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular, etc).

What i really need is, for example, if i make a website, what kind of tips or solutions do you always want to know every time you're planning to buy new smartphone or tablet? What type of information that you all usually search on the internet in order to get the best deals before buying the smartphone.

For examples are like,
- "Which carriers have the lowest cost of internet data/phone service/text plans for iPhone 5",
- "5 Tips to find the lowest cost carrier plans/deals" or
"the pros and cons of using cheaper carrier deals",
- "the pros of cons for using internet data on verizon for iPhone 5"
- or something like that.

So please could you all help give me some ideas for articles that i want to make about this topic. I really appreciate all of your help here. Thanks..