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HTC Evo Shift or Epic 4G?

by Hellrazr360 - 6/21/11 10:28 PM

I'm hoping to upgrade from my regular cell phone to a smartphone when eligible for one (even though the contract expires in October, we were told we could upgrade for the listed prices come August). We're with Sprint and I really like their high-end smartphone selection, but am torn between the two noted in the topic title.

The main reason I'm leaning towards them is because of the physical keyboards. I've got really big hands and thumbs, so using a virtual keyboard is a real pain (unless it's something like an iPad)--I tried using the Evo and it wasn't smooth texting/typing. Both phones are currently the same price around here. If one of them happens to drop in price by August then I'll probably go with that one but if not, then I'm torn.

I really like the Epic 4G after spending a bit of time with it today; very vibrant screen, the size is fitting for my hands and having 17 GB of storage out of the box is very appeasing. But I've seen some reviews say it's very buggy and I've also heard the updates for it have been less-than up-to-date. The Evo Shift also feels comfortable in my hands, and while only having 3 GB of storage is a bit of a shame, I've heard very good things about it as far as reliability (which is of utmost importance to me).

So which should I go with? Would prefer fellow Sprint users to answer, particularly those who've owned or used both in-depth. Thanks!