Nokia 7610 1.3 Megapixel camera phone mini review

by diva77 - 11/18/04 3:27 PM

Cell phones are fashion statements, and the Nokia 7610 is no exception. The 7610 has a sleek, innovative design that is unique, and instantly recognizable. This cell phone is a picture lover's dream, because it is the first Nokia phone that comes equipped with a camera that has a resolution of one megapixel.

With one megapixel, the 7610 takes remarkable pictures with incredible detail for a cell phone. One of the chief complaints of early camera phones was that its digital shots were blurry and grainy. With the Nokia 7610, you can take pictures that are much more lifelike and realistic. In addition to taking great shots, you also have the power of taking video up to 10 minutes long. That's incredible, considering the fact that other cell phones have video limits of only 15 seconds.

Multimedia Enhanced: the Nokia 7610
Both picture-taking and video capabilities can be zoomed up to four times. You can personalize the aperture settings for taking pictures at night, and you can instantly send those pictures to anyone in your Nokia contact list. The Nokia 7610 is a tri-band GSM phone, which means it receives service all over the world.

You can also receive pictures and video at a surprisingly high transfer rate. RealOne player comes installed, which allows you to play video and listen to music. It also has rich-text multimedia messaging, which personalizes your text messages. The Nokia 7610 comes equipped with Blue Tooth technology, which allows for wireless connectivity between your phone and accessories like keyboards and headsets. It will greatly enhance your multimedia experience.

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