Cannot Undo Restriction - Not Allowed - Solution!!!

by MobiFan - 5/31/10 5:42 AM

About a month ago I bought a Nokia 6303 Classic from a friend. The phone was locked to Orange UK and I wanted to use Vodafone UK, so I purchased an unlock code from an online unlocking service. The code came through about 5 days later, I followed the instructions to enter the unlock code and the phone displayed 'Cannot Undo Restriction'. In a bit of a rage I called the company I got the code from and accused them of all the scams under the sun. They explained to me that 'Cannot Undo Restriction' or 'Not Allowed' means the phone has had too many incorrect codes entered and I would need to get the phone unlocked with a high street unlocker. I called the guy who I bought the phone from and he confirmed that he had indeed tried to unlock the phone with codes he got from a free unlock code calculator.

I called several phone shops and none of them could unlock the Nokia 6303 Classic. So, here I was with a code I had paid 25 for and it was useless, or so I thought. I did a bit of digging around on the internet and came across I followed the instructions on this page and increadibly my Nokia 6303 Classic in now unlocked!

I know from searching on the internet that there are thousands who had the same problem I had - they had the right code but it was useless and most phone shops can't unlock the newer Nokia phones. Strangely, the site where I got this information actually sells unlock codes, but they don't charge a penny for this information. I reckon they could make a fortune if they sold this!