New Straight Talk Phone, Txting not working right

by volfan21 - 5/28/10 9:05 PM

I just bought a new straight talk phone.. a R451C, the slider phone. I love it, the reception is clearer and I get great service so far...but with one problem that has become a BIG problem for me. I cannot get any text messages from anyone who has AT&T as their carrier. I don't get it. My boyfriend and several close friends cannot text me now, although when they call me I hear them fine. Text messages from Verizon work perfectly of course, Sprint and others I have no idea about. I called the C/S number today and the gentleman on the phone said there was really nothing he could do but perhaps I should contact AT&T...I don't know what to do now. I love the $45 a month for everything but if I can't talk to my closest friends and my boyfriend, this sucker is going back to wal mart.