Good choices for a first smartphone?

by mrvwbug - 5/24/09 9:38 PM

My upgrade is coming due in august and was looking at moving up to a smartphone of some sort. My current service is through sprint. I am most familiar with t-mobile's products due to my line of work (im a TSR for t-mobile).

I plan to probably stick with sprint but am open to another carrier. T-mobile is out as their coverage is terrible in my area and aren't likely to ever bring 3g to this area. Sprint is likely going to have EV-DO in my area in less than a year. Verizon is out since my wife refuses to ever deal with them. So im mainly looking at either staying with sprint or going to AT&T or Alltel

I was mainly looking at the instinct or possibly a blackberry of some sort. If I were to switch carriers I am definitely open to an iPhone if I could snag a decent deal on one.

Any other good suggestions? I would be getting 2, one for me, one for my wife