CDMA IS better than GSM

by vyruz reaper - 8/2/04 1:50 AM

CDMA is a better technology(created by qualcomm) than GSM, BUT gsm is MORE wisely used, due to the fact that europe accpected that as their standerds for the polizie.

1) cdma is cheaper, to maintian and deploy, and upgrade, not to mention that the backbone of its towers is backwards compatible, so you wont have to get new phone, kinda like with your 802.11b will still work with a g router.

2)CDMA providesw FAR supperior data speeds than gsm. EV-DO and eventually EV-DV will **** on GPRS, EDGE, and
UMTS. umts will prvide 1.5mb, while ev-dv will be up to 11.5 megs, with a lot more room to grow

3)the signal penetrates buildings and malls better, ESPICIALLY on the 800mghx frequency

4)More users can conenct to a tower, due to have a wider spectrum than gsm. 20 users per tower, while gsm is limited to 12. THIS is huge when you multiple it by millioins and billions of towers.

5)Its soft handoffs, and switches, are MUCH more RELIABLE and safer. YOU CAN HACK GSM(espicailly nokia modeled phones--- called cloning).

----Now, the only thing i find better in the GSM network, rather than most of the world uses it,

is that i find(when in a good coverage area) the voice quality to be better than cdma, much better in fact.

Just to straighten some things up for you guys:

verizon - cdma + analog
sprint - cdma only
ATT - GSM (tdma + analog, but pahsing out)
Cingular - GSM only
T mobile - GSM only
Nextel - Iden technology talk (even though its called iDEN- created my motorola, it works off of the backbone
of gsm
US cellular - Cdma + analog
Alltel - cdma + analog