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Cell phones forum: Sprint is a fraudulent, untrustworthy and disgraceful...

by: barnacules September 9, 2007 1:57 PM PDT

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Sprint is a fraudulent, untrustworthy and disgraceful...

by barnacules - 9/9/07 1:57 PM

Sprint is a fraudulent, untrustworthy and disgraceful

Hello, my name is Jerry and I would like to share my Sprint/Nextel experience with you that I have had over the last 5 years in

the hope that you will understand what you are getting in to when considering Sprint as your cellular provider. I would like to

start off with my first experience almost 5 years ago, I entered a Sprint store in Redmond, WA (Overlake Plaza) and found a

phone that I really liked, the customer service rep at the store was more than happy to tell me about Plan A and Plan B and

explain the differences. At this point I felt they were doing a good job and wanted to proceed, they signed me up for the plan

and told me it would be $39 a month and that would be reflected on my bill. At the end of the month I received a $49 bill

instead? I went back to the store and then the lady told me about the monthly this and monthly that and was very educated in

what these fees were. Why on earth did she not tell me about them when I asked about my monthly bill? Ill tell you why,

because I told her that I could not spend more than $39 a month at the time so like any used dealership she cooked the numbers

to make buy. When I told her I wanted to get it down to $39 she said I was already on the base plan and there was nothing they

could do. This was strike one against Sprint and really put a bad taste in my mouth moving forward. At this point I would just

say that I was annoyed at most.

The second incident that I had with Sprint involved getting my wife added to my plan, we went in to a store in Lynwood, WA

because we both wanted the new PPC-6700 smart phone, it took 3 hours of us to get the store to give us both the phone with the

deal pricing since we were renewing a contract. He then claimed he could not do it and then all of the sudden he was able to do

it hours later? Can you say used car dealership, at the point I told him I did not want to change my plan I just wanted to add

my wife too it and get the new phones and renew the contract (because it was required). After having the phones for a month

everything seemed fine, that is until I received a $100 phone bill? Again I called sprint (average wait time 15 20 minutes to

talk to someone, sometimes more than an hour) and was not able to get assistance so I sent email though there website instead,

after 2 days I received a response from Sprint that reads.

Dear Jerry,

I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you due to the addition of the Vision Ultimate pack on your account.

I noticed on your account that the PCS Vision Ultimate Pack was added to your account on November 12, 2005. Since the service

is offered free of charge for the first month, a credit against the charges incurred has also been applied to your invoice.

The Sprint TV option is based upon the availability of the function on the handset. Since the Sprint PCS PPC-6700 phone is not

compatible with this feature, the function is not available on your phones.

Please be assured that I have removed the PCS Vision Ultimate Pack option from your account and have added the PCS Vision

Pictures Pack back to your account effective today November 19, 2005. Now the monthly service charges on your account will

remain the same. ($65.00 plus applicable taxes)

For the inconvenience caused to you due to this issue, I have also applied a 50 percent discount on the monthly service charges

for the current month. This discount will be applicable on your next invoice.

If there is anything I can assist you with, please feel free to write to us. We are here for you.

At this point I was pretty aggravated but at least they were able to correct the mistake and I didnt have to pay the $100

bill. Accept guess what happened, the very next month I was billed again $25 more dollars for the vision pack after they

assured that it was cancelled? This time I had to go in to a Sprint store in Redmond Town Center, WA to get this issue resolved

and the credit applied twice. This is absolutely insane, the customer service reps lie though their teeth! Finally this was

sorted out and I was able to move on with my life but realize that at this point I have spent well over days trying to sort out

these problems and beyond simply fixing the problem Sprint doesnt give me any free months or credit to help offset the pain

and frustration they have caused me.

The third incident I had with Sprint was much harder to solve and cost me weeks to sort out and risked my status on eBay.

Remember how I said I got the PPC-6700 phone? Well I used to have a Hitachi H1000 phone which sat in the closet for a month and

I decided to sell it on eBay. Someone on eBay purchased the phone and took delivery of it and then claimed they did not receive

the phone and I was in a battle with PayPal for the following month because the person signed for delivery via UPS. That is not

the point, the point is I contacted Sprint and retrieve the ESN number from the phone so that I could report it stolen and this

is the reply I got.

Dear Jerry,

Thank you for contacting Sprint together with Nextel regarding the ESN.

The ESN for the Hitachi G1000 phone was: xxxxxxxx (In Hexadecimal) and
xxxxxxxxxx (In Decimal).

Have a nice day!

Jason P.
Business E-Care
Sprint together with Nextel
"Where our customers come first!"

I then sent them a reply saying the phone was stolen and asked them to flag that ESN so that the phone could be recovered if

someone activated it. This is the reply I received.

Dear Jerry,

Welcome back!

I have forwarded your email to the appropriate department so that appropriate action can be taken while someone trying to

activate that handset. We will notify you if some one attempts to activate the phone.

Have a nice day!

Jason P.
Business E-Care
Sprint together with Nextel
"Where our customers come first!"

So at this point Im happy that Sprint as done the right thing, big mistake thinking that. I also contacted the local police

department in the area where the buyer of the phone was located and asked them to look in to the incident, I also looked up the

home # number of the person that purchased the phone that said they did not receive it and called them up and started to

question them. It was obvious that the person on the other end of the phone was getting worried that he was caught trying to

fraud PayPal and eBay so he came up with a story that his son signed for the phone and stole it and that is why he contacted

PayPal to get his money back, he then returned the phone to me. So now I had the phone back so I called Sprint and said the

phone was recovered and was no longer stolen.

Dear Jerry,

I am happy to know that you have found the phone. To change the status, please contact us at 1-888-788-4727. One of our

specialists will be glad to assist you.

Business E-Care
Sprint together with Nextel
"Where our customers come first!"

So I called the 800 number and I was told that the phone was not reported as stolen on the account and that my service was

going to be terminated if I did not pay the outstanding balance on my account! I am completely shocked at this point so I hang

up and send another email since they seem to be the only people that can help me (the voice service is worthless) and here is

the reply I get.

Dear Jerry,

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced due to the incorrect information provided to you by me in the

previous email message. This experience is not indicative of the service standard we strive to provide.

Yes, your balance is $59.13. I checked the account details with the ESN number xxxxxxxxxx and the account is in the name of

William Ruggie.
The phone with the ESN number xxxxxxxxxx is activated on his account as of December 14, 2005. This is the reason there was a

confusion about the due balance. Actually his service is turned off due to non-payment.

As the phone with the ESN number xxxxxxxxxx is activated with the account number xxxxxxxxxx under the name William Ruggie, you

can take appropriate activation against the person.

I appreciate you emailing us today. Thanks.

Phillip R.
Business E-Care
Sprint together with Nextel
"Where our customers come first!"

So now I have confirmation that he was able to activate the phone, run up a bill and then they screw up and try to pin his

outstanding bill on me even though he should have been arrested for his crimes. This is completely uncalled for and I could not

believe what was going on. I was seeing red at this point! I sent a reply back to this email saying that I was really concerned

that such a mistake was allowed to happen and complained about the massive inconvenience and stress this has caused me. This is

the reply I get.

Dear Jerry,

Thank you for contacting Sprint together with Nextel. I will be happy to assist you regarding the activation of the stolen


We at eCare do not have information about the reason why the stolen handset was activated on any other persons account.

Generally, we do not allow these type of practices to happen. This must be a mistake. I once again apologize for the


I appreciate you emailing us today. Thanks.

Phillip R.
Business E-Care
Sprint together with Nextel
"Where our customers come first!"

So thats it, I get a little apology but no free service, or compensation for this mistake that has wasted me a ton of time?

This is typical of Sprint at this point and I dont hold my breath. So I want to leave Sprint but Im under contract so I

cannot leave and they have already refused to cancel my contract at this time even though they have obviously breached the

contract by giving me such horrible service (and everyone else I suspect).

So now on to the fourth incident, this one is a big one and cost me the most time and frustration by far. I dropped my PPC-6700

and shattered the screen. I decided it was too expensive to fix the phone so I decided to sell the phone on eBay for parts

costs. A gentleman in Arizona won the auction and received the phone from me because he said that he could get the parts to fix

it. I was thrilled that someone wanted the broken phone. About two weeks after I sold the phone I get an email from the

gentleman completely upset saying that he went to the Sprint store to activate the phone and the store manager confiscated it

and told him to leave the store or they would call the police. So now the guy thinks I sold him a broken, stolen phone. I give

the man my phone number because he is threatening to give me bad feedback on eBay and talk to him in person on the telephone to

calm him down. I told him the phone was not stolen and that this had to be another one of Sprints notorious mistakes. I told

him to go back to the Sprint store and have the store manager contact me directly. He returned from the store later that day

and called me saying they would not call me and told him if he entered the store again they would call the police. At this

point I had the gentlemen give me the phone # to the store so I could call them and sort this out. The manager would not even

speak to me; they pushed me off on to a service rep. So at this point they will not even allow the person that legally owns the

phone (me) according to their system to sort this problem out. Again I decided to send mail to corporate since I could not get

anywhere on the phone. This is the response I received from sprint.

Dear Jerry,

Thank you for contacting Sprint together with Nextel. I understand that you wish to remove flag(reported as stolen) from PPC


I have checked and noticed that due to human error PPC 6700 was flagged(reported as stolen) not Hitachi HG1000.

Now, I have removed the flagged from PPC 6700 and flagged(reported as stolen) on Hitachi HG1000. So, the person whom you sold

PPC 6700 can activate it.

Further, I noticed that Hitachi HG1000 was active on your account for the period May 17, 2006 to July 18, 2006. After this

date this phone was activated on any account. Since, this phone is flagged so nobody can activate it also.

However, I have arranged a call back for you as per your request.

A Customer Care agent will be contacting you within 48 business hours to respond to your concern.

If there is anything I can assist you with, please feel free to write to us. We are here for you. Thank you for emailing us.

Business E-Care
Sprint together with Nextel
"Where our customers come first!"

OH MY GOD! So all this time they had my own phone that I was actively using flagged as stolen and they never followed up and

the phone that was supposed to be flagged was actively in use! OH MY GOD. I cannot believe that a company can make so many

mistakes. If this is happening to me I wonder what is happening to other people out there. So now we know the problem is the

phone is really marked as stolen and that is why it was confiscated. So I call up the person in Arizona that purchased the

phone and explained what happened, I told them I would receive a callback from Sprint to get this sorted out in the next day or

two and told him to just sit tight. So I get the call back from Sprint, you are not going to believe this but there solution

involved me getting on a plane and flying down to Arizona so that I could enter the store and recover the phone from the store

manager. I told the person on the phone that they were insane I seriously did and said that I was not going to jump on

anything and go anywhere and that they better sort this out or Ill take legal action. At this point they agreed only to remove

the stolen flag from the phone but they could not do anything beyond that. Here is the email confirmation.

Dear Jerry,

Thank you for writing back to me.

Let me confirm you that I have removed the stolen flag from Hitachi HG1000.

Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you.

Business E-Care
Sprint together with Nextel
"Where our customers come first!"

WHAT!!!!!!!! They removed the flag from the HG1000 which never was flagged in the first place, I call them up again and listen

to the nice elevator music for 20 minutes and find out it was just a type-o and that they removed it from the PPC-6700 and not

the HG1000. OMG, Is there software really that bad that when 2 phones are on the same account they can make this many mistakes?

So I call the guy up in Arizona and he goes back to the store and asks the manager to look at the account again to see the

stolen flag has been removed. The store manager refused so he had to call me back from the store and hand the cell phone to the

manager. The manager would not talk to me at first but I told the gentleman from Arizona to tell her this verbatim If you do

not talk to this person on the phone you are guaranteed to lose your job tomorrow, do you really want to risk it?. At this

point the manager decides to take the phone call and simply says Hello. From that point on I pretty much talked for 5 minutes

straight, completely furious and ended in You better give that man his phone and apologize to him while Im on the phone to

witness it or Ill have your job tomorrow one way or the other. I think it sucks that I have to resort to threatening people

to get them to do their job. At this point the store manager seemed genuinely concerned that they have screwed up and

proceeded to check the account. Low and behold the flag was removed so she gave the phone back to the man, at the point I said

Apologize and she did but in a completely insincere manner. I cannot believe this experience. At this point my stress and

frustration level is absolutely though the roof. I have never in my life dealt with a company that makes as many mistakes and

is as arrogant as Sprint. So after a few weeks this incident was cleared up and the gentleman in Arizona got his phone back and

was able to get it activated. So my $50 sale on eBay in phone parts lead to 8 hours talking on the phone 2 3 hours reading

and writing email and the frustration of having to threaten someone in Arizona over someone elses cell phone. There are

certainly easier ways to make money.

At this point I contacted Sprint and told them for the 2nd time in my contract that I wanted to be cancelled without any

penalties for the gross misconduct and again they refused on the grounds that the contract was still valid and there is nothing

they can do. They did however offer to cancel the account and send me a $300 bill for cancellation; boy isnt that just sweet

of them. At this point I have no choice but to continue to take Sprints abuse and recognize that the "Where our customers come

first!" slogan at the bottom of their replies is simply lip service.

Now for the straw that broke the camels back. Incident number five is the final breaking point at which I decide to spend my

entire Saturday morning drafting up this novel of a forum post to help the community understand the pain Sprint is capable of

inflicting. About three months ago my wife and I entered the Sprint store in Redmond Town Center, WA and asked the

representative when our contract end date was and to ensure it was cancelled when it hit. He told us the end date was

September, 5th 2007, my wife and I was thrilled it was only a few months ago. Well yesterday I went in to the Sprint store to

finally cancel my contract and I was told the end date was actually November 11th, 2007. So here we go again, the sprint rep

that told me my end date was obviously looking at the wrong account and gave me misinformation. This is just fantastic, so at

this point they recommend that I visit another store up the street and talk to the store manager to get this sorted out. I

proceed to go to the other location which I just realized was a tactic to get me out of there store and told the person at the

front desk I would not leave the store until my contract was null and void and that I need to speak with the highest manager in

the store. The person at the front desk went away for a few minutes and came back saying there was not a manager on duty at the

time to speak too. I paced back and forth for 20 minutes and finally realized that one of the employees had manager on their

little shirt tag and approached her (her name was Patty, at the Redmond, WA location) and asked Are you a manager. She

replied, Yes, Im not the store manger though. Its starting to sound a lot like avoidance to me and it seems clear that they

get a lot of angry customers; I didnt see one happy customer come in during the 2 hours I was there. I told the manager my

story and she said she would like to help me but the store cannot handle cancellations, only activations. I find this kind of a

weird business model that you can activate a phone in 10 minutes at a sprint store but you cannot cancel a contract without

calling and using up about ~1 hour of your time. She said I needed to call customer service. I told her that I was not leaving

the store until my contract was null and void so I called the customer service and it said Estimated Wait time 15 20 minutes.

After 50 minutes I took the phone over to the manager and said This is ridiculous and showed her the cell phone readout that

the phone call had been 50 minutes. She said there was really nothing they could do, then after a few more minutes of waiting I

heard another employee talking to customer service activating an account. I said Are you talking to customer service and she

said Yes. I told the manager How the hell did she just get though when you said you have to call the same number as me?.

The manager got nervous and told me that they can call the activation department directly but the cancellation department they

have to get in the queue. Every minute Im in the store I hear more lies. I finally get upset and start raising my voice and

talking to other customers in the store and she agrees to call the activation department and have the call transferred to

cancellations. So at this point it is clear they were just wasting my time because they had the means to get me in touch with

Sprint the whole time. I finally get on the phone with a guy named Eric (Sprint Employee # ER305935) and he said he would like

to help me. I explained my circumstances and my request and he told me that he could not cancel the account because the

contract is still valid. I told him it was not valid and sited many reasons. He then proceeded to tell me he does not even have

the authority to cancel a contract without sending out the $300 fine. I told him to transfer me to someone that could and he

told me that nobody that can be reached by a customer is capable of doing this. I was so frustrated with Eric that I started

repeating myself. Eric tried to stay in character but I kept asking if he would want to be a customer with Sprint after what I

have been though and I asked him to read the notes on my account from the countless mistakes that were made. He told me in a

nut shell that he would not want to be a customer either but there is nothing he could do about my situation. I was very upset

at this point and told him that he better get someone on the line or else I would send out my customer experience with Sprint

to the world (what you are reading right now) because I dont think what Sprint is doing is lawful or trustworthy. He again

said For the last time Jerry there is nothing I can do, is there anything else I can do for you today. I said No, the only

things you can do for me would get me in deeper with sprint. Just to clarify he had offered to renew my 2 year contract at a

lower rate to keep me as a customer. There is nothing they could do to keep me as a customer, Sprint treats you nice when you

come in the door but the second you sign on the line your soul belongs to them and they will treat you accordingly. Sprint as a

corporation has put in safe guards to prevent customers from performing any actions at the store that do not end in more money

being paid to Sprint. This is very unfortunate and if you go sign up with sprint or have signed up with sprint you will know

that they will not tell you any of this upfront. You will leave the store thinking you can do all business though the store

front when in reality once you sign youre in for an unpleasant experience.

There was also a sixth incident that occurred with my Sprint Long Distance on my home phone, sprint added this when I did my

last contract renewal years ago and I recently wanted to cancel it, you have to call sprint directly only to be told to contact

your phone company to have the service removed, once you do this you have to also call sprint back one month later to have the

service cancelled a second time or else they will continue to charge you even though you cannot physically use the service

anymore since it was disconnected my your home land line phone provider. Yes another tactic by Sprint to ensure they can bill

you as many times as possible. I would just love to be a fly on the wall in the Sprint Executive Board meetings. Im sure it

100% about profit and not about making customers happy, that is why they do 2 year contracts and not 1 year contracts in the

first place, to ensure that they can rake you over the coals for 24 months before having to even try to make an effort to

retain you for another two years.

I would suggest looking in to T-Mobile or Cingular as I have heard more good things about these companies then bad things. Also

the price point is way better, Sprint will lead you to believe that plans are a certain cost but when you get your bill you

will be paying much more! My friend with T-Mobile said his bill says to the penny what they quoted him in the store. Also do

not sign in to an extended contract > 1 year even if it means you get a sweet deal on the phone. Whenever a company has you

locked in to a contract they will spit in your face until the renewal date. Sprints problem was that they not only spit in my

face, they also cost me massive time, money and stress from their mistakes.

All of the email segments are cut and pastes from actual emails from customer service reps and all of the accounts

in this story are 100% true and can be backed up with evidence (emails, phone call logs, etc). I spent nearly 3 hours of my

Saturday writing this message and Im sure Ill spend even more time signing up on forums that need this message and posting

it. I do not commit to an action like this lightly, this company has done wrong by me to the point where I find it absolutely

necessary to alert the public at any expense to myself to ensure that companies like this cannot just keep moving forward with

business conduct like this. I am going to record my future phone conversations with Sprint so that I can include them in an

upcoming youtube video to help further educate the public. Also if you have had a good experience with sprint and have been

with them longer than 2 years please also reply to this thread as I would like to know if anyone is getting good treatment from

this company. If you were a past employee or even a current employee of Sprint I would love to hear your response to this and

please realize you will stay anonymous, you can contact me at or just reply to this thread and I will

revisit the forums over the next few weeks to answer questions and read your responses.

Sprint is a dishonest company and I hope that people see it for what it is and conduct research after reading my story. I also

hope that other people will come forward and reply to this thread and talk about their own personal experiences. Sprint need to

be reminded that customers can and will use freedom of speech to ensure they are not treated unfairly and the greater impact we

have on them the more they will be forced to re-vamp there model to support their slogan and stop giving lip service. I also

urge forum moderators to sticky this thread if they feel it is justified for their respective forums so that more people will

see this moving in to the future so they can make more educated decisions.

- Sprint cost me more time and money fixing mistakes than any other company I have ever dealt with in my life including the


- Read the small print, Sprint is a completely dishonest company that pays there sales people strictly by commission and does

not put any safe guards in place to prevent there representatives from lying to you to get the sales (Used Car Salesmen


- Sprint will not make exception on your account for any reason, so matter how bad they mess up

- Sprint only has a few people handling there customer service line and you end up waiting 30 60 minutes on average to speak

with a representive, and if you need to cancel something they will put you back in another queue for an additional 30 minutes.

- Customer service has no authority, there is no person you can reach by phone or in person at a store that can help you

resolve issues on your account, they can change your service contract if they made a mistake but realize that if they do this

it will auto-renew your 2 year agreement without your prior knowledge, very dangerous. This actually makes it in their best

interest to make a mistake because it forces you to come in and try to resolve it which ends in them getting a contract renewal

out of you and more money.

- Email is the only way to contact Sprint and solicit any kind of useful actions, dialog *2 from your cell phone often ends in

the battery dying before you get to speak to a customer service representative

- Sprint stores do not have any ability beyond your own to contact corporate; they might as well be a guy on the side of the

street with a cart. They cannot perform any action you cannot do yourself by sending email or calling them.

- Sprint store managers are rude, condescending and quick to blame the customer for mistakes made by the company and or store

(one in the same).

- Eric (Employee # ER305935) proved to me that the only thing sprint can do at its highest customer service level is sell you

another contract or change your service (but only at a gain for them)

- Sprint can make mistakes on your dime, they prevent there reps from giving you credits or change your contract without auto-

renewal to ensure their customer support people cannot give you what is due no matter how much they might agree with you on a

personal and professional level.

- The employees at the store look like they just came out of a timeshare training seminar. They only know how to pump you for

the maximum amount of money and they dont care about anything else. I was very sad to see a Mexican fellow that could not

speak very good English get entrapped in to a plan that was way over what he needed. The lady said Do you want the 1000+

minute plan and he didnt say anything because he did not realize she was talking to him and then she just nodded for him and

put it in the computer, I was completely ashamed that I didnt go over and try to make him understand but I was already

flustered with my own issue (This was at the Redmond Town Center, WA location).

- Sprint does not trust customers at all; they do everything in their power to prove you wrong. A gentleman brought in his

phone and said that he dropped it on the ground and it stopped working, they spent 15 minutes running a PH analysis test on the

phone to ensure it was not dropped in water because they suspected the guy was lying. Whatever happened to trusting customers,

the guy was dressed in a nice suite and was very polite, and to fix or replace the phone would have been minimal considering it

was an older phone.

- Customer service people will ignore you for long periods of time without warning. When I entered the store the rep that was

talking to me would eventually get flustered and say they had to go get a printout or something and then disappear for 15

minutes in to the back room (with key coded locked door).

Thank you,
Jerry (Very upset Sprint Customer)

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