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Help me find Digital Gauges

by Whodat402 - 7/28/13 4:42 PM

I'm neck deep in the rebuild of my 73 cougar and I've hit a wall. I have a vision of the interior being a little more futuristic and it seems like I nobody makes what I'm looking for. I've looked through Prosport, Dakota Digital, Intellitronix and all the other google results, but nobody really sales what I'm looking for. I've called and emailed the "custom" gauge manufacturers, but they don't really customize anything for you.

What I'm looking for is a gauge kit thats blacked out when not in use, has a digital readout of whatever its measuring, and a "sweeping" needle that "gradients" as the value goes up. The closest thing I've seen is the Prospost digital series ( but they don't make a tach/speedo in that model.

In my serches, I found a company that made exactly what I wanted (Nordskog), but they went out of business many years ago.
Here is the vision: [Imgur](
Here are the Nordskog gauges IRL: [Imgur](

Someone told me to look into making my own with something called Arduino . . . After some hardcore google work, I realized that I would be competent enough to do that (I don't even understand if/how its possible)