Resolved question

How do I get my Garmin to take me on highways?

by in2horses247 - 12/31/12 6:02 PM

I have a Garmin 50LM but this is also a problem with my older model Garmin and the GPS on my phone that uses Google maps.

I don't have any avoidances enabled except for toll roads, and the highways it avoids aren't toll roads.

For example, the major highway that will take me to most cities I would want to go to has an exit about two miles from my house. However, if I am trying to go to the next town over, my Garmin will instead take me about ten miles out of the way through congested city traffic and stoplights to get to the last exit in town onto that highway, even if it means I have to go farther on the highway to get to my destination.

Also, sometimes I will get to someone's house and tell them about all the winding, deer-ridden back roads I had to go on to get to their house, and they ask why I didn't just take the highway as that would be a lot faster, and I have to tell them my Garmin wouldn't take me that way.

I have tried the same route with "faster time" once and "shorter distance" the next time, but it still took me the same way. Is there any way to get my Garmin and/or Android to take me on the highways instead of these sketchy back roads?