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1997jeepgrand cherokeelimited 8cyl4wd please help

by harrington1242 - 7/29/12 3:48 PM

truck turning over fine. fuel pump replaced 6 months ago. sounds like its working. has holley carb. double barrel. not sure size. pour gas in carb. starts up, than dies after it burns up gas i just poured in. it has 3/4 of a tank of gas. if i wait a cple hrs it will start and run for a little while if you dont turn it off. also last week my alarm factory installed went off and it took me a cple hrs to turn it off.while alarm was going off i tried to start it. but it wouldnt start fuel pump was on. im guessing. got alarm off. did disconnect battery. got alarm off after finding out key in trunk. turn left n right 6 or 7 times. than off. so basically it wont get gas it carb and start. outta ideas or just tired. any help much appreciated.