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Starting to look for a new car, looking for suggestions

by canadian_kidxxx - 7/8/12 11:35 PM

I am looking to upgrade my car in the coming months but I am having trouble deciding what exactly I should go for. I am looking for something with decent performance but it will also be my daily driver so reliability is important too.

I started out looking for something AWD or RWD but it looks like my budget is likely going to constrain me to a FF car.

After some brief research I have come up with:
-2003 to 2006 Sentra SE-R Spec V
-2002 to 2006 Altima SE (V6)
-2004+ Golf R32
-1999 to 2003 Jetta (1.8T or 2.8V6)
-2003 to 2008 Forester XT (likely out of my price range)
-1997 to 2004 Buick Regal
-1995 to 2002 Olds Aurora

The Spec V was the car that I was planning on looking for before I did any research but I have noticed that there are a lot more "sporty" cars out there than I originally thought.

Before someone adds it I have thought about a mustang (my favourite car) but if I get one it has to be a 5.0 and the new ones are too pricey and I am not sure if the older ones will be reliable enough for a daily driver.

Any car I buy will likely be stock for the time being (seeing as I probably just spent all my cash on it) but I do plan to do some work to it in the future.

I am looking to add to this list so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.