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Help Creating a Custom Exhaust System

by 97tbird - 7/2/12 4:43 PM

I have very little experience working with cars and am looking for help in regards to puting together an exhaust sytem for $300 or less. I have found a few link to parts (pipes, mufflers, tips) but dont know if they will be compatible or how my car will sound after putting them together.

I am only looking to rebuild the pipes, mufflers, and tips. (No catalytic converters or anything more costly/complex)
I plan to work with 2.5in pipes so Im lookng for other parts with a 2.5 inlet/outlet size.

I drive a stock 1997 Ford Thunderbird with a 4.6L v8.

Here is a link to a diagram of the stock exhaust sytem:

Possible new parts:




Once again I have no idea how to assemble the different parts or if they will even fit.

I would greatly apperciate any help regarding this. Thank you.