Resolved question

2004 JGC starts then immediately stalls

by DavidE0515 - 4/28/12 8:53 AM

My jeep will not stay started. I can turn the key, it starts and then immediately stalls. Thought it was a bad key so just spent $60.00 for a new key and it does the same thing. All the dash lights come on (even with the headlights off). No gauges work. Inside lights do not come on when you open the door. No open door chimes. Door locks work with remote only. Windows do not work. Overhead console shows dashes (-----). Radio works. Headlights work. All this happened without any warning. Jeep was running fine -- no troubles before and then "poof" it wouldn't stay running. Tried unhooking the negative battery cable to "reboot" the computer system. That didn't work either. Did a dash board check and it went through the steps but still nothing. Jeep dealer wants it towed in to put in on "their machine" to see what's wrong. Don't really have the money to waste on their guessing and honestly I'm afraid it will cost more in the long run based on other posts I've read. I've been reading alot about the modules but do know which one it could be and also read that the dealer has to program those. Why? Does anyone have any suggestions on what this may be caused from and how I could fix it myself?