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Car Audio. Compatibility Question on a 1997 Audi A4 non bose

by S0Lsurfer - 4/11/12 12:22 PM

Hello! Thanks in advance for any help or advice! So i just bought a Audi A4. I thought it had an after market system in it...i was wrong. It has an after market head unit its a Kenwood KDC -138 200 watt 4x50. The speakers all stock Nokia. My brother sent me new speaker set...Included in the package was a pair of Polk Audio DB651 6.5 200 watt 2way ( I think this fits rear deck) also a pair of Polk Audio DB521 275 watt 5.25 coax ( rear door i believe) if they won't fit let me know. I also received a Kenwood amp KDC-5204 350 watt w/variable should i set this up. I still need new front door speakers & a sub maybe ? Will i need another amp to run a sub. What speakers should my deck run to what should the amp run to? Will this even make a difference?