Center vent loose in 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

by sknott6 - 4/14/10 9:27 AM

I had to replace the hazard switch (second time BTW!). First time the dealer did it under a recall but this time I was told that since the recall was closed I was out of luck.

Well, I removed the center vent to access the hazard switch... it came out fairly easily. Fixed the hazard light (hopefully the last time since the car is 10 years old!)... went to put the center vent back in but now it's loose.

All the clips are clipped in but it kind of slides down the dash area about a 1/4 an inch. I don't know if I'm clear when I explain that. It's almost like it has to be glued in or something.

When they fixed my hazard light the first time, I'm pretty sure it was glued in because there is a little swipe of glue left on the dashboard (they were sloppy) and because when I got it out this time a little bit of the dashboard came off with the vent. It's not noticeable, it's maybe an 1/4 inch strip that would be under the vent anyway.

So I called a GM dealer and asked them about this and they told me they never glue in dash vents. Is this true? How do I go about fixing this now? None of the clips are broken, it's just like it doesn't fit tightly in there... it's loose and slides down about an 1/4 once it clips in and doesn't look right. Plus now it rattles so it has to be secured.