Vehicle Electronics

by Dannywon - 6/15/09 6:40 PM

With all the fancy gadgets that vehicles offer these days it makes for a very comfortable ride. I mean with the DTE and outdoor temp, and all this fancy stuff it's pretty cool, until something goes wrong.

The problem with all of these gadgets they all require sensors. My problem is that the sensors wear out way before they should causing major problems to your vehicle.

Lets say that one sensor is connected to a line of sensors, in a series lets say and your computer reports you have a problem, well you may have to replace all of the sensors to figure out which sensor has gone and come to find out the real problem is the sensor not the problem it's reporting.

Car companies need to go back to the old fashion method and get all of these gadgets out until they have some that really work.

The speedometer in my jeep liberty for example never worked correctly. After changing almost the entire electrical system the thing still didn't work. Years ago i would have replaced a cable and it would have been done with, in fact if it was a cable it would still be working.

Now because the speedo didn't work the car "thought" it wasnt moving and i was in the yard just reving the engine. Do you know what this has done to it?

With the CARFAX and everything else we have like emissions etc., it is better to take all of these junk sensors out and go back to the time when we didn't need all this junk to make our lives miserable, at least until the electronics actually work correctly.

When making a purchase these days you don't know what your going to get and you end up running around with an engine light on that the mechanic tells you oh thats fine, so whats the sense in having this piece of garbage system if it doesnt work.

Give me my 1970 impala or my 66 charger back any day. I'll be in line to buy it.