1997 jeep grand cherokee will not idle

by jgcnowner - 12/14/08 6:09 PM

My 1997 jeep grand cherokee will not idle. It runs great but as soon as you take your foot off the gas it dies. I was driving it around my back yard in deep snow with everything working fine. I parked it and about an hour later I went to town, went in to the store and when I came back out it would not start. I tried to jump it but nothing happened? It acted like the battery was dead. So I called a freind and we hooked up the jumper cables and let it charge. while we were waiting we remove the airhose and were planning to put a little starting fluid in. Well before we had the starting fluid we tried to start it and it started up. So I hooked up the air hose again as it was running rough it ran a little better after I hooked it back up, but if you took your foot off the gas it would die. I have had problems with this jeep starting hard lately, I think that could be just a bad connection. But as to it not wanting to idle I am at a loss??? I would be greatful for any information on this problem.