CNET website redesign leaves many things to be desired.

by sjschaef - 10/23/11 4:46 AM

I have several issues with the new site... The first one being that it is no longer compatible with the iPad. I have trouble viewing videos, opening links etc. extreme disappointment. I now am required to view the mobile site or go to a computer. The fact that links won't open, videos won't run and menus do not work is a major problem. You would think that you would ensure your site works for 90% of the tablet marketshare.

Secondly I find it frustratingly difficult to find anything on this site. You keep changing where everything cheapskate, kitchen tech etc. It is like you don't want people to use your site at all. Before this second revamp, it was easy and logical where content was located. Now I have to look hard for things I want to read.

The site may look more streamlined but now it is just a GUI for a frustrating user experience!