Dream Gadget with tradeoffs

by Darryl Snortberry - 7/28/05 5:49 PM

I always though that making life easier was the point of technology. That's the way it was sold back in the day.

"Save me time"

Yeah that was a nice one until big business realized technology could make a fewer worker more productive and as a result instead of having 2 or 3 jobs to complete at work you are tasked with 10-20 jobs.

"Save me money"

Yeah that was a nice one but old money still controls everything. If you look at the average debt each American carries you can see life isn't cheaper but more expensive.

"Bring family and friends closer"

Since you don't have time to get together with friends and family because of the job the only way you can keep in touch is at the speed of electricity.

"Customize everything to my specifcations"

Customizations are an extra fee...so there goes more of your money.

"Simplify my life"

If anything life as become more complicated. I have to consider more now than a person of the 1920s likely had to. Is this a scam...cable wants more money...the rent is going up...this job doesn't pay enough...i'm sick with no healthcare...car insurance is mandatory and is going up...gas prices...worthless politicans.....