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Please Help! Too Many Photo Programs For a "Newbie"!

by midela - 9/13/11 10:54 AM

Hi Out There!

I'm a :"Newbie" to all of this, and a Photo-Proud Grandma.
I have photos in my "pictures" folder, Picasa, MP Navigator, Windows Live Photo gallery, and Windows Gallery.

I'm totally confused about this. I want to have ALL of my photos in one place.
I'm used to plugging in my Pentax K-10D camera, and away I go, but I've noticed lately, that some photos show up in different places,
and not all of them will make it into my " 32G itouch", that my Children gave me for Christmas.
For instance, especially, the ones that get emailed to me. It seems that I have to right-click on each one individually, and then they go into my "pictures" folder as individual JPEGS, but will not move into my "itouch".

Today, when I tried to download the pictures in my camera, I was asked to choose "Windows", or "Windows Live Photo Gallery", or " Windows Photo Gallery",etc...!

My goodness, which one do I choose?

Also, I've noticed a lot of duplicates of photos, in some of these different programs.

Please, help me???

Thanks Everyone!