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Please Help! Alternative to Express Digital Darkroom Pro?

by lauragreen23 - 4/27/11 7:45 AM

ED Pro is a great program but the pricetag is more than I can do right now just starting out, plus the idea of a dongle that might fail is not appealing. I worked with the soft ware with a company doing professional portraits and want a similar software for my own business.

I have downloaded trials to so many but they all seem to do different things. None of them offer customer management AND photo enhancements with vignettes, borders, text etc.....

has anyone found a software that can do this? I recently downloaded studioplus express which is a free software and looks excellent for managing client info and such and has an area for using photoshop for retouching, yet it doesnt seem to offer enhancements in the express or professional editions.

Can someone help me out here with finding either a great enhancement software to run alongside the studioplus, or something that is all-in-one like EDPro?