Photo Impact 8.5, Tv slideshow help and an unlock code

by sage444 - 9/26/10 6:01 PM

I am at an intersection and do not know which way to turn. I am wishing and hoping that you can give me some advice. I own PI 8.5. Have had it for a number of years and am completely satisfied with the software. Went to Europe in May and wanted to put photos on a TV DVD. Could not burn the DVD for TV but could burn a CD for PC and computer screensaver. So had numerous chats and talks with tech support and finally realized that I needed to purchase an unlock code. This unlock code is not mentioned in the manual, do not have the original box. So I ordered this code and it did not work. More talking and was told that I needed to purchase the new PI 13 so I went to the local retailer and read all information on box and pages on outside of box and no mention of a code. Prior to purchase, I called customer no service today and was told that I would need to purchase an unlock code for this software also. I told them that this is not mentioned on the box or manual, only raves about the quality of the TV DVD's. Asked them to refund my money for unlock code purchased for 8.5, said I would receive confirmation email but have not received it yet. Do you know anything about these unlock codes? Do you have a suggestion for a program that will burn TV DVD's without charging you a hidden extra fee to be able to do this process? I really want to get these DVD's finished as our friends that travel with us is not in good health. Please help me.
Thanks in advance. Jen