Enroute Imaging software Quickstitch.

by mrpmoss - 4/23/10 12:52 AM

My house was broken into and robbed a few years back. Things were taken and some went unnoticed until needed. I reformated my HDD and reloaded Windows. I have been reinstalling my software and when I went to load QuickStitch the disk is noware to be found.
I had a my copy of the disk. I am willing to buy it from someone who has it or if a copy could be made I would be very greatful. I understand that it was included in Olympus's older camera software disks. Ver 3 or older. I am not sure but know that Ver 4.0 does not have it.
I am not trying to cheat a business out of money but they went out of business and I have no way else of finding the program. I have searched the internet with no luck, other than the info I have included here.
Thanks, Pete.