Using Software To Create Stained Glass Patterns From Pics

by pollys13 - 1/23/10 9:32 AM

I'm learning to make stained glass. The above site explains how to make stained glass patterns from colour photos of stained glass windows. I thought this ability would come in very handy, the tutorial uses Paint Shop, I got Corels Paint Shop Pro Photo X1, second hand on Ebay. Its a much newer edition than the one used in the tutorial, so I don't think the steps are quite the same. Nor is it the latest version,though thought it would do the job ok. I also got the Home & Student edition of Corel Draw Graphic Suite X4. On the Stained Glass forum said the PowerTrace feature was awesome and used by professional stained glass designers, this is why I got it.

The following quote is from the stained glass pattern tutorial,

" Line art and clip art are easy to turn into patterns since the edges are easy for the program to find. Drawings and cartoons are also easy since they have fewer and more contrasting colors. Pictures of stained glass pieces convert very well for obvious reasons. "

Following the tutorial I got up to step 5, I don't understand step 6 and step 7 goes right over my head.
I'm hoping someone here can help me work through the tutorial please, using Corels Paint Shop Pro Photo X1, amending the procedure as you go.
Thank you.