Photo Viewer Remembering Zoom and Coordinates

by BaTz281 - 9/29/09 1:22 PM

Hello everyone,

I frequently gather large resolution photos that are several times the size of the monitor I display them on. In most photos, there is one area I often show to friends/relatives (such as a panoramic view of a waterfall and surrounding cliffside, with the "one area" being the falls). Every time I open said photos, however, I have to navigate to the desired location, which, for a large collection of photos, can be cumbersome.

Surely I could select the desired portion of each picture and save it off as another file, but I often use the focal point as a point of reference in the photo and will drag to other parts of the full picture - pulling only this section out would eliminate that ability.

I am curious if any piece of software can remember per-picture coordinates, in a fashion similar to the way Foxit remembers what page of a PDF document you are on even after you close the document. So if I pan to the exact center of a large photo, then close the photo viewer, I'd like to re-open the photo and have it remember that I'd panned to the center.

Does anyone have suggestions for accomplishing something like this?

Many thanks!