Duplicate Image Finder Software - please help!

by donrull - 2/27/08 12:44 PM

I used to use a very simple and great program called UniqueFiler. The developer is no longer working on it and it will not run on Windows Vista Ultimate. So, I have posted to many other sites asking for a good replacement, and have been unable to find any good software during several months of posting online. What this software does is helps me manage duplicate images in my collections. I know there are plenty of software solutions for finding duplicate files based on file size and remedial other obvious similarities, but what made UniqueFiler unique was that it somehow "visually compared" the images and told me which ones were duplicates, EVEN IF they were different file sizes or different image sizes. I have found no software that can compare to UniqueFiler. I have found a couple that are so painfully slow on even my new system, that they are not usable.

Any suggestions?