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Help! old "incomplete". music files that I need migrate

by ahmandi2 - 7/15/11 9:35 PM

Hi I have many (2500+) music files that are on an old computer and I need to figure out how to move them to my new computer. I HATE media player; and the fact that many of my music files are not complete has been a huge problem when trying to use Media Player n the past; it basically kills the file for good. Ugh! I no longer acquire music files in such incomplete formats; but I don't want to have to go and redo this entire collection from scratch...don't even think I could.
What is a good, intuitive program to use to update my collection and have it all on my brand new laptop?
Another question...can I simply remove media player completely from the new system without any negative consequences in Windows 7 system? I'd rather just not bother with it; and it's huge. Might as well delete it if possible....
Please advise. My collection took me so long to compile; I do not want to lose it.