Restore Expanded music match jukebox 7.200162M80 plyr siz

by m00001m - 3/18/10 1:21 AM

AMD Athlon Processor
XP desktop used as jukebox with 39,000 tunes
1.40 GHZ, 376 MB of RAM

I had abandoned this computer for years, but fired it up with xp recently and started using it as a jukebox. After a couple of weeks of using the 7.20.0162M80 version of the program, all of a sudden all I can
get is the tiny window collapsed from a bigger one, to see which tunes
are playing and open files to rewrite file names, etc. Does anyone know how to restore the Big tunes frame. Then I've finally learned there is a big playlist window I can use instead of the tinier openings. Is there a painless way to transfer an enormous playlist I have saved onto the big playlist? And how do I restore the bigger version of this ancient music match beater's large (only relatively) playing window that attaches and detaches from the player?