Headphones and hearing aids

by HighDesertDiva - 3/26/14 5:51 PM

I would really like to get a set of stereo over-the-head, over-the-ear headphones (wireless would be the best!) with attached mic to use with my computer, boom box and tv. If not wireless, then something with a long cord. For the information of those of you who have not yet totally fried your ears like I did blasting my tunes, the hearing sensor on the hearing aid is on top of the part that goes over the ear. It is small enough to be hidden by my outer ear. Currently I am still using a pair of 29 year-old Pioneer SF-70 headphones held together with electrical tape and twist ties, and a cheap set of Maxell headphones that pinch my ear, with a separate microphone. Pinching is a big issue, especially if the ear pieces are heavy. I have a small head, so I need something that adjusts. I have gone through several other headsets which broke when dropped, so durability is important. My budget is limited to less than $50, but I would welcome information about more expensive ones, if nothing is available in my price range.