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Mitsubishi WD-65732 Airflow problem.........NOT??

by fallstonyj - 9/14/13 3:05 PM

Hi, Tom here and I am new to the forum.

I have a Mitsubishi WD-65732 which up until a week ago has been functioning perfectly. About a week ago I started getting the "check airflow" warning "tv will shut down". I tried reset, unplugging the set, putting a fan behind it, nothing worked for more than a few hours at best. Then I found this forum and read page after page about the "easy" fix being to eliminate the connector for the temp. sensor and "hard wire" it. I did just that only I was having trouble with the soldering so I used crimp connections instead. Both connections are very tight and secure.

Well I could have bet the farm it wasn't going to work for me and it didn't! The set is doing exactly what it was before I tried the fix and that is going straight to yellow flashing lamp and no picture. I did notice however that none of the 3 fans that I see are running at any time. (I thought I had read that one or more of them are supposed to run constantly?)

Does anyone have any suggestions, fixes, advice?

Thanks in advance for your help!