cnet is awesome

by harrassed1 - 5/1/13 3:43 AM

since logging into cnet about a year ago,i took thier advice on buying 4 different products.first was the onkyo tx-nr 616.i got it at amazon for $348 and it is a fantastic receiver no bugs or glitches just one of the best deals i ever got.the second product was the energy take classic 5.1 the little speakers sound awesome and the sub really shakes the room.i really cannott believe how good they sound.the third product was the panasonic dmpt 220 blu-ray player it also performs flawlessly has built in wifi and other great features.i couldn't be happier with it.the last product i bought was a pansonic 50 inch plasma tv and the picture is better than any other tv i have ever $348 for the receiver,$98 for the blu-ray player,$299 for the speakers,$699 for the tv another $70 for the cables and speaker wire,it comes to $1514 for what is one of the best home theaters i've ever heard.$1500 is what alot of people pay for a tv alone .thank you cnet and mathew muscohiac.damm good reveiws.